World of Norfolk Branding campaign

Posted in Norfolk brand, World of Norfolk with tags , on December 16, 2009 by theworldofnorfolk

Over the last seven weeks Norfolk Island Tourism, with significant support from Norfolk Air, has been working on an advertising campaign to raise the awareness of our world as a desirable holiday destination, to a wider market. 

What has the campaign involved? The campaign so far has seen ads on Pay TV, and in print media. There has also been investment made in web search engine marketing too. And some of our wholesale travel partners in Australia and New Zealand have remained active with tactical advertising. 

What are the results so far? The ‘call to action’ for the consumer in the brand campaign to date has been the new destination website at One measure of the success of the campaign is that website hits are up by 50% (to 5,000 hits per week on average) since the launch of the new brand and the website in late October 2009. Visitors to the site access the accommodation and activities pages the most, suggesting they wish to learn more about us and what is available here. Click throughs from our ‘Hot deals’ page to wholesalers continues to grow, with over 32% of visitors doing so last week. 

We are also tracking how airline bookings with Norfolk Air are going too, and in the past seven weeks bookings have grown by 42% compared to the same period in 2008. 

What is happening next? There is an email marketing campaign underway at the moment that is targeting 10,000 past visitors to come to enjoy more time in The World of Norfolk. 

In January 2010 the major print media campaign gets underway, and an interactive Pay TV competition, and an online competition in, begin. Search engine marketing on the web will continue. 

We will keep you informed about the campaign as it proceeds.